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Nano-Hybrid Composite Parafil LAB | Prime Dent

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The Nano-Hybrid Composite Parafil| Prime Dent is a Zirconium composite, radiopaque, light-cure and white-colored, that enables highly natural and esthetical results. 

Parafil is easy to handle enabling a simple and lasting modeling and polishing. Parafil is available in different color shades and kits.

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 - Class I, II, III, IV and V restorations

 - Universal Zirconium Composite

 - High wear resistance

 - Light-Cure and radiopaque

 - Easy to work with

 - High esthetic

 - Lower post-operatory sensitivity


 - 1x Refill Syringe 4.5gr | A2 or A3

 - Kit | 10 Units: 10x Refill Syringes 4.5gr (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B3, C2, D3, OP,T, OTB) + 8x Stain Syringes 1.6gr (Blue, Pink, Orange, Beige, Brown, Grey, White, Yellow) + 1x Syringe Foundation Opaque Universal 2gr + 1x Syringe Margin Opaque 2gr + 1x Syringe Gingiva Opaque 2gr + 3x Syringes Gingiva Modifier 2gr (GM21, GM22, GM23) + 1x Bottle Modifier 7ml + 1x Syringe Gel Separator 10gr + 1x Bottle Modeler 7ml + 1x Bottle Metal Primer 7ml + 1x Bottle Composite Primer 7ml + 50x Brush tips + 50x Black needle tips +  1x Brush holder + 8x mixing wells + 1x Shade Guide

Kit | Compules A2: Refill 20 x .20grs

Kit | Compules A3: Refill 20 x .20grs