Kendrick Extrication Device | 191 Mayday


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Kendrick Extrication Device| 191 Mayday enables the victim safe rescue and extrication.

The use of the Ferno K.E.D. with the Cervical Collar guarantees an optimal immobilization of the head, cervical and lumbar, preventing the occurrence of additional injuries, and enabling the patient transport in a sitting position.

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The Kendrick Extrication Device is a versatile mean of immobilization and extrication very useful in auto accidents or confined spaces, enabling a safe transport.

The wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility for an easy application, and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck and head during extrication.


 - Made off: Interior - hard board | Exterior - nylon 

 - The hard interior immobilizes patients neck, spine and members 

 - Wraparound jacket for patient immobilization 

 - Easy to clean and maintain 

 - Colored straps, with quick-clip, easy to recognized and clip in dimly lighted or narrow spaces 

 - Handles for horizontal or vertical extrication, and movement 

 - X-ray, or advanced life support procedures may be applied with the Kendrick in place.

 - Contains 6 straps: 

    - 1 for the head, adjustable to the height 

    - 2 for the chest 

    - 1 for the hands 

    - 1 for the legs and 1 for the feet 

 - Dimension: Length - 33" (83 cm) | With - 32" (80 cm)

 - Weight: 8 lb. (3 kg)

 - Load Capacity: 500 lb. (227 kg)


- 1 Unit