Autoclave 09 Lts AUTOMAT

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9 Liters Autoclave

Available 110 V/ 220 V

Brand: Automat

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  • 110V - American Standard
  • 220V - European Standard

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Autoclave 9 Liters



With Capacity of 9 liters for the medical/dental sterilization. Use water vapor. Controle the pressure and temperature by 4 user handable programs (Sterilization Temperature, Sterilization Time, Dry Timer and the hour. Work in Automatic Mode, Semi Automatic, and download the information from the computer after any cycle by the USB.



  1. 1 Year Full Cover Warranty.
  2. Temperature Microprocessor Control
  3. Shock Protection
  4. Different Programs
  5. Error Detector meanwhile the Autoclave it's working.
  6. Security Valve.
  7. Automatic Dry Cycle.
  8. Stainless Steel 
  9. Temperature LCD Screen Indicator



  • Printer
  • Validation Software 
  • Double Door
  • Programation and Design with special requirements. 


Techinal Specifications.

Fabricant Dental X Ray S.A.S.
Capacity 9 liters
Voltage: 22 Amp
Potency Power 4500 Wats
Wats 220V 
50- 60Hz

External Measures

High: 77 cm

Long: 118 cm

Internal Measures 
Diámeter: 50 cm
Depth: 75 cm