Fire Free Burner Electric Induction Graver DENTQ


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Brand: DENTQ

No more Alcohol or Gas burners

Portable and immediately operational

Safety indicator automatically prevents carver from overheating

5 removable cover cap included for easy clean-up

Eliminates risk of fire & getting burned

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Dental Laboratory  Fire Free Burner Electric Induction Graver No Flame


 No more alcohol of gas burners. portable and immediately operational. safety indicator automatically prevents carver from overheating. eliminates the risk of fir and getting burned.

This is an electric bunsen burner used for heating up waxing instruments in the dental lab. An indicator light lets you know when it is in use, and when the instrument has reached the proper temperature. It heats waxing instruments with an induction coil – no flame is used. Includes 5 removable inserts to keep the wax from dripping inside the unit.


Fire Free Burner
Ac Cord
5 Caps


Input power source AC 100-120V 50/60 Hz 100W

Emits accurate temperature , has little deviation of temperature by stable supply of power. Long life span and ergonomic design. Memorizes prior working temperature even after turining off/ on power. Error function protects the product by cutting the circuit automatically by the senson when an outer defect is made by mistake. Translucent tip drawer at rear of control box.