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Hemorrhoid System ULTROID

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FDA Approved
ULTROID is a non-surgical choice
No chemicals are used
Requires no anesthesia


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Ultroid Hemorrhoid System Painless and Proven Solution Non Surgical

FDA Approved

Product Description

The ULTROID Hemorrhoid Management System is an assembly of electrotherapeutic devices designed to apply a galvanic direct current to the mucosal tissue surface of symptomatic internal hemorrhoids for their elimination.


Product List

Primary Components

  1.                 System Generator
  2.                 Control Handle
  3.                 Reusable Patient Pad
  4.                 Patient Pad Connection Cord
  5.                 Control Handle Connection Cord
  6.                 Power Cord (110v, 220v)
  7.                 Single-use Procedure Kit

Procedure Kit Components

  1.                  Single-use Probe
  2.                  Single-use Patient Pad Sponge
  3.                  Single-use Anoscop

    • Media Materials
  1.                   Physician Toolkit
  2.                   Operation Manual 


Ensures safe and effective hemorrhoid treatment

  To be used in the office, or clinic, by a professional