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Portable Ventilator


This ventilator is the pneumatically driven electrically controlled ventilation system with compact
structure and more functions. The ventilator conforms to the principle of simple and easy operation
requested for emergency equipment. It can be used by emergency, first-aid center and transport. It
also can be used for respiratory care and treatment for the patient.


- Adopt microprocessor-based technology, simple and convenient to use
- Lightweight, reasonable structure is more suitable for the emergency situation
- 3 kinds of power sources can be chosen: AC, DC and Internal Battery
- Large LCD screen, more parameters can be monitored and displayed
- Adopt electronic adjustment to control the tidal volume, the set tidal volume is more stable and
- Long life and low consumption solenoid valve with steady function and dependable quality
- More kinds of oxygen sources, gas supply on the wall or in the ambulance or carrying oxygen